White Online


World of White. The place where you can climb on top of the social hierarchy and rise above the common folks. A place where you can earn wealth and enter stardom. A birthplace of Legacies. The talented and worthy player can earn the will of a particular historical or godly figure and earn their trust to carry their Legacy with pride. The ones who aren't worthy will be forgotten, and the ones who become worthy can also lose their trust and lose their Legacy. [Connecting...] [Welcome to White Online!] [Legacy awaits you!] [No Legacy; Everyone at the start has No Legacy Rank, which means that you haven't inherited anyone's will or techniques.] [Ordinary Legacy; A Legacy of not very known figure, but it is still more powerful than No Legacy.] [Special Legacy; A Legacy of a well-known figure, it can be a historical figure or a figure from a fairytale.] [Mythical Legacy;  A Legacy of Legendary figure! It can be a historical figure who is known by everyone, or it can be a very unique existence who might have lived, or not ] [Godly Legacy; A Legacy of Gods! It is the most powerful type, and if you find one— you are destined to soar to the sky. You will be the Incarnation of the God of your Legacy!] [Do you want to be a Legacy Carrier? Or do you want to be a Casual Player who history won't remember?] ____________________ This is the story of Isaac Whitelock, who will rise from being a protected and weak individual to being one of the sole hopes of the entire Human race. __________________________ Disclaimer: The cover photo isn't mine, so if you are the creator of the picture, tell me if you want it to be removed. Contact me on Discord if you have ideas for my story, or you just want to talk: Alekzi#1000 I might not be able to reply for everyone, depends if I am busy writing chapters. Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Video Games - Slice of Life - Brother Complex - No Harem - R-18 - Yandere - VRMMORPG - Martial Arts - Comedy - Genius Protagonist - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Clingy Lover - Weak to Strong - Gods - Loved MC - Calm Protagonist - Rich Protagonist - Legacies - Historical - Famous Protagonist

Associated Names

author: Alekzi

genre: Video Games

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Stronglord. 2022/01/05
webnovel Dexterity. 2022/01/05
webnovel God of Mischief. 2022/01/04
webnovel Doors. 2022/01/04
webnovel Pearl of Resurrection. 2022/01/04
webnovel Isaac's Trickery. 2022/01/04
webnovel Obsession. 2022/01/02
webnovel Solo Dungeon. 2022/01/02
webnovel Isaac's Advantages. 2022/01/01
webnovel Legacy Tournament. 2022/01/01
webnovel Marvin. 2021/12/31
webnovel Update. 2021/12/31
webnovel Blindspot. 2021/12/31
webnovel Wraithless. 2021/12/31
webnovel Kill Steal. 2021/12/31

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