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To Be A Gods Replacement 08. First Day on the job 2020/10/02
Breaking through the pain A battle of Mega Proportions 2020/10/14
JOURNEY: RAYDER WHITE Chapter 33- Dryads. 2020/11/16
Yiannis Cirillo and the Titans SECOND BOOK 3 ANNOUNCEMENT 2021/11/19
The Demonic System The Ambush 2021/01/30
Along Came Eli Girl in Pink 2020/12/13
The Pillars Tour around and checking out my dorm room 2021/02/05
Eve of Reincarnation Chapter 21 2021/02/17
Wei An High school life Graduation day (Last Chapter) 2021/02/17
Commander's Unrestrained Harem (18+) Farewell 2021/10/23
The Apostle of Space-Time and Rebirth Chapter 5 - Training part 1 2021/03/01
Mom? ehh? WIFE? Ch. 27 Gray Wolf 2021/10/28
My Superhero system Chapter 27 little revenge 2021/11/04
Lazy Life Of The Immortal King Chapter three 2021/10/23
My System is a Tabletop RPG I Never Finished Designing 12 2021/10/23
The Last Chip Epilogue 2021/10/23
Battlefield players setting fire to an isekai world. 4 2021/10/23
the last boy scout chap4 2021/10/23
The Acting system chapter 3 - the distinction between acting and real life 2021/10/23
A Lich's Life New book Update 2021/10/28
Black Technology in the Apocalypse Chapter 5: Waking Dream 2021/11/07
Return of The Unfaltering(being rewritten) Chapter 6 2021/11/23
Grey Worlds 15 Chapter 8 A Dragon? 2020/03/17
THE ALL IN ONE SYSTEM First Slave 2022/01/04
Achieving Author Badge IV 10 The One Hundred Thousandth Words 2020/03/17
Mystifying Genesis Initial Zone of the Mountain 2020/08/15
Unrivaled Alchemy God The Day of the Competition 2020/03/17
Secret Marriage: The CEO and His Pampered Wife Picking Up The Pieces (And A Gorgeous Man) 2020/03/17
Legend of the Planar Dragon Emperor Reminisce 2020/03/17
complicated marriage Chapter 30:- My Husband (completed) 2020/03/17
The Run Away Single Mother Chapter 46 The Pretext of Innocence & Naivete' 2020/08/09
Mr. Tycoon Wanted: PERFECT WIFE! Messing with Wife 2020/09/08
Daily Tribulations of a Lazy Overpowered God Ignoring Boundaries 2020/05/15
Niva: A New Reality The Den and the Passageway 2020/04/22
Reborn in The Flash universe with The Speed Force Help 2020/05/01
The Storyteller: A collection of short stories Chapter 16: The Strongman is Weak(3) 2020/05/06
Rise of the Awakening Chapter 7 Luck and Friendship 2020/04/25
Damned Magic! Chapter 7 2020/05/12
The Ring Of Chaos Chapter 10 - The Land of Knowledge !? 2020/04/28 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.