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Title Release Time
A god's adventure trying not to be op but failing trans people are people too, so what will Shin do? 2020/05/01
Unfadable...Revenge or love Sleepless nights 2020/04/28
Reincarnation of Deathgod Competition 2021/12/07
Second Lyfe Short Hiatus 2020/12/13
Zera, What Are You! Reality Hits Hard 2020/09/20
Glamour Game Charybdis 2020/05/18
I have to become most handsome and STRONGEST man ever. CHAPTER – 2 MR. ROHAY and [Men in Love] 2020/05/24
The #1 Blacksmith In The Starting City Returning Home 2020/07/04
Moonlight Kiss Assassination while returning to the hotel 2020/10/26
How to fall in love with a demon queen 4. Socializing with your demon queen 2020/11/16
FOR EVER 6.)Red blood 2021/12/20
How To Become a Superstar This is What Heartbreak Feels Like (2) 2020/08/18
Martial Heart Asura Gonna be rebooting 2021/01/18
The God of Wealth Chapter Two — The Start of the Auction 2020/08/06
Moonlight Flower Chapter 24 - First in This Form 2020/10/08
IMPERSONATOR White Knight appears! 2020/10/08
Villain to Hero Intermission: Christmas Special 2020/12/13
The Blind Girl | Book one This is it. 2021/02/17
Under the Street Lights 2. New Beginnings 2020/09/17
Queen of the Night Eve 2020/09/17
Enthralling Escapades of an Explorer Chapter 9: A beast in the woods 2020/09/26
Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm I Would Be An Eternal In A Thousand Years (End) 2021/10/23
A World Where Humans Don't Exist 108 2021/02/17
Black Jade Chapter Twelve 2020/09/20
The God’s & Devil’s Game What makes killing amusing 2020/11/07
Delivery Man Delivery Part2 2020/09/29
Heavenly Empire Chapter 5: Who Did It? 2020/09/29
my sweet life with you loneliness 2020/09/29
The Night When Everithyng Changed The Night When Everything Changed: Levi's Story (READ PLS) 2020/09/29
Adumbral Calm Before The Storm 2020/09/29
It All Started With A Game IASWAG 3 2020/09/29
Just Who I Am Fixing the puzzle 5 2020/09/29
Keeping Traditions Trilogy Part One: Oblivion | 4. Montgomery House 2020/09/29
is my love real or not? maintain your dignity!! 2020/09/29
Romania 5th Hunter Team Acceptance between each other 2021/01/03
the Luna eclipse what next? (part 2) - Hunter 2020/09/29
The Dragons Of Luck Čȟǎp̌ťěř 6 2020/09/29
Austria Stranger 2020/09/29
Windy city time for revenge chapter 42 2020/09/29 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As an Amazon Associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.