Zyston, The Hidden Royals


Book#1 of the Royal Silver Moon Series "You are mine, Adriana! Nobody else's!" Zyston says possessively. "Yes.. yours.." Saying in small moans. Moving his fingers faster my body finding it's release. "Zyston!" Yelling his name as I cum. Zyston Woods is a half breed of a Werewolf and Dragon Shifter. After leaving for 300 years he just moved back to Dark Wood his home town. A small town with nothing but Ranchers and Farmers. He is also the CEO of Silver Moon Products. Little did he know by returning back he would find his mate. Can she handle all of the dark demons of his past? Adriana Braxton is your normal city girl running away from her past. She moved to her best friend small home town. Working as the bartender at her friend's husband bar. For 5 years she has been away from the city for 5 years she has been running from her past. In this small town a mystery man catches her attention bringing her into a world she didn't know even existed. Does her past catch up with her? Will anyone save her from her own demons? Zyston and Adriana have been mated by the Moon Goddess. Not only do they both have dark past's but will they bring each other back to the light? Will they get over the obstacles that are coming their way? Read their story find out if their love will survive and save one another.

Associated Names

author: Marydee_Butters

genre: Fantasy Romance