Youth Romance Story


So panic! The vampire wanted to chase me down. Jiang Yuan has planned his future since he was seven years old. Reject everything that can affect your study, first enter the key high school in Kamakura City, then enter Tohoku University, and then rely on the resources of Tohoku University to become a social elite, and then talk about the status of the above class with a wealthy daughter In love, at the end, I will be an ordinary son-in-law and spend the rest of my life in enjoyment. When he accidentally bound the system, he thought it was just an ordinary youth romance comedy. But... who can tell me what is going on with vampires, zombies, angels, and ghosts who are only interested in my blood! ------ I'm not the original author of this, I'm just a translator. change the original title cause I think its not catchy enough original title "I just want to pay off my debts, but I am in love with non-humans" official link If you like my translation please supporting me

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author: DreamStolen

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