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This is made for the new update of gaining xp lets help each other to gain xp and completing mission's especially the 'post comment gain 2 like mission' to get exp [Updates everyday] everyone should help like the comments to help others You can also exchange profile hearts with others You can also share your reading list on the comments section [New-update] miscellaneous chapters added •Random Poem's •coming soon •coming soon •coming soon

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author: Aluplayz

genre: Magical Realism

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel XP 2021/01/30
webnovel XP 22 2021/01/27
webnovel XP 21 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 20 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 19 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 18 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 17 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 16 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 15 2021/01/27
webnovel chapter 14 2021/01/15
webnovel chapter 13 2021/01/15
webnovel chapter 12 2021/01/15
webnovel chapter 11 2021/01/12
webnovel XP 10 2021/01/12
webnovel XP 09 2021/01/12

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