Wtf I am a megalodon?!!!!!!!!


I’m big dumb since Idk what an synopsis is, hold up let me look this up(scanning scanning) here we go Synopsis:a brief summery or general survey of something. That’s good to know, ok let’s get goin now shall we. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So ya boi jim....wait wrong one(that’s for later) Ok real one; “so what do you mean I am going to be a GIANT SHARK!” Said a guy that looks very translucent. “’ “Said a bright white orb that glows and dims as it says those words one at a time. The guy is starting to get angered, “ok you glowing ball of bird shit, I know what a megalodon is but why am I going to be one?” “Because why not!! You’ve always wanted to know about it so why not learn by being one?” The ball said sarcastically. “Can’t argue there, screw it I’m with ya”said the man who’s starting to calm down. “Ok well you have fun and I’m sending a little “friend” to help you out on your way” said the ball as it started glowing brighter than ever “WAIT WHAT, WHAT FR-“ -story time hehehhehe :)

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author: Megalodon_Shark

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