Who Am I?!: One O'clock Game


[ Game locked, Everyone can get in but no one can get out. Stay!, it's not a choice nor a decision, it's an order. The one who die shall buy a life, the one who die without money shall mine to buy a life. Unlike The usual game, a player who failed their mission, quest, answer, choice, and to kill shall either die by the punishments or pay, if the player doesn't have enough money to pay, then dept, but everyday will be hell for them since everyday, a loanshark will come to your room, if you want to hide from them, stay inside the quest or mission where it doesn't have a countdown. All players, ENJOY A PAINFUL DEATH!] What'll happen if a lazy guy who lived and died a billion times in different world and environment creates his own game where no one can die if they have money?. Oh!, he also got locked inside his own game with his real friend?!. (BTW the cover does not belong to me so to whoever the owner of this art is I sincerely apologize and thankful for your art)

Associated Names

author: WhiteRaven3

genre: Video Games

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