This is a story about a teen named Alexander Kleave. His parents are both gone and all he has is his kid sister, Eva. One day they go to the pool to swim, afterwards they get ice cream. When they leave the ice cream shop, Alex notices that they’re being followed by someone. Alex with his sharp instincts grabs his sister and starts running. Suddenly he is struck in the head and falls to the ground. With blood spilling and his sister in trouble. Alex vision goes dark and all his senses disappear. The only thing he can hear is a voice offering to help him. Will Alexander accept this voices help? ———————————————————————— This is just a hobby so I don’t know when I’ll update it. I tend to rewrite the chapters. I want them to be exactly to my liking, so I make changes to make it perfect. So keep in mind the second time you read it, it might not be the same. I would like to have people comments on how to improve my writing and if there are any errors that you could find. Thank you for choosing to read this summary and bigger thank you for reading the book.

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author: Willow_Ashes

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