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Let's say you know your heart is beating in your chest cavity. You know who you are. You know how to differentiate similar beings and not. You know they had feelings that can only felt and understood within themselves. But how about yourself? Are you really sure you know what you feel right now? Are you sure that all the feelings you felt are your own? I can see you. Living dazed in a society that only judges you by your shabby appearance. Misunderstood a mistake as a truth. Curled up in a puddle of regret. No one can save you except yourself. [ ] **Warning : 18+ Bloody, Murder, etc. *Original Story by : Farren Bexley *Cover with Canva by : Farren Bexley *Translated from Unexpected (Indonesia) by : Farren Bexley

Associated Names

author: FarrenBexley

genre: Horror&Thriller

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webnovel - 4 - 2020/09/29
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