Ultimate Fantasy System for Reincarnated Sage


This story is about the second chance given to a strong sage in the form of reincarnation. To his surprise not only he was given a second chance he also got a heaven defying fantasy system.

Associated Names

author: Flame_Slasher

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Leaving the city. 2020/03/17
webnovel Cultivation Manuals(2) 2020/03/17
webnovel Cultivation Manuals 2020/03/17
webnovel Library 2020/03/17
webnovel Recruited to Army 2020/03/17
webnovel Recruitment Process 2020/03/17
webnovel Quest Rewards 2020/03/17
webnovel Recruitment 2020/03/17
webnovel Quests 2020/03/17
webnovel System 2020/03/17
webnovel Reincarnation 2020/03/17
webnovel Prolouge 2020/03/17

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