Treasures of Valeria


Thousands of years ago, there was once a great civilization, an ancient race of powerful beings called The Valerians. Now, it became a mere legend and it's greatness became a bedtime stories and songs. Isabelle a young woman neither an elf nor a human, a failure of a mage soon change after a fortunate encounter. Darkness draws close as the remnants of Valeria started to appear and at the hands of evil doers. The race to obtain the treasures of Valeria begins.

Associated Names

author: NappingUncle

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel The Garden 2020/12/01
webnovel Took her in 2020/12/01
webnovel Sudden test 2020/12/01
webnovel Encounter 2020/12/01
webnovel The Journey begins - Part 2 2020/12/01
webnovel The journey begins 2020/12/01
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