Trapped to his hand


Naina was simple country girl. She encountered a handsome, rich guy in an unexpected situation which left her a bad impression. Who knows the man will turn out as her boss. Please accept my regisnation !! Naina said. Please Naina. Don't be so childish. How can you act like this just because I confessed to you. Shyam said. Don't you know what I hate the most is rich guy Jasmi. Jasmi nodded. Yes you hate the rich guy like your ex David but not the rich the guy like Shyam. Shyam wants to keep Naina in his sight all the time. He didn't even know himself that he is attracted to the girl who always have cold shoulder to him. But whatever Naina can't run away from Shyam. Naina don't want to get involved with any rich guy. She pushed Shyam many times. The more she pushed the more he try to get closer. She can't hide her feelings anymore when he treats her like a princess.

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author: Sam_Ran

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