This time, it's my turn


Who said that a woman should not be ambitious? Who said that woman can’t handle business? Who said women are just trophies that should be kept at home? Who said a woman should depend upon their husband for everything? I, Kang Na-ra, am going to prove everyone wrong, especially my parents. I will show them that a woman can become independent, ambitious, and can handle business, not a trophy in her husband’s house. …………………. “Don’t worry, Na-ra. Go ahead and prove them all wrong. I believe in you and will always wait for you. But remember, whenever you feel like you are falling always look behind you. I will always be behind you.” He said with eyes full of love. He never lied. He always waited for me. Waited for me for 12 years. He helped me, motivated me, guided me. When I was about to fall he caught me. And finally, I became CEO of Kang Empire. Finally, I decided to take our relationship further. But it was too late now. ‘Why God, when you give me one thing you take away other from me.’ I cried, shouted, begged, prayed… However, everything has already happened, can't turn back the past. I realised I never wanted anything. What I wanted was love from my parents, recognition from my parents, which only he showed to me. In the path of proving my parents wrong, I lost myself. I had gone insane, the only who kept me sane was him but now he is no more. How am I gonna live ahead? A future without him. A future witho... A future... A… Is there even a future? I don’t wanna leave anymore. I decided to take my own life. I took a knife and cut my wrist. Slowly closing my eyes, I finally found the peace that I used to get from him in his embrace. I felt I was drifting away. I felt my soul coming out of the body. At last, I will meet him. ….. But destiny had a different game for me. I slowly opened my eyes. I got shocked to find that I went 12 years back in the past. ‘Thank god for giving me another chance’ I thanked god by putting my hands together and closing my eyes. Slowly, I opened my eyes, promising to myself, ‘This time it's my turn' -----..........------ Hello readers, thank you for reading my novel. Hope you all like it. There might be a lot of grammatical mistakes and stuff as English is my second language. Please do not mind it. And I will surely try to improve my English. I have written few novels, but never tried to complete it or rather say never went beyond writing a few chapters. But this time I hope that I finish this book and me, myself see how the journey of our female protagonist goes. Thank you...

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author: alita1561

genre: Teen

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