They're Underneath Us!


Raised underground, Tian is unaware of what the world above him is like. With purple blood and black marks against his skin, he stands out from most. At his mother's death, he has no choice but to venture to the surface for survival. And in time, he meets RT. Theyre the same age, but the scars on RT's face reveal a much darker story to the surface world. RT was destined to find Tian, and destined to love and protect him. His past is a blur through time, but he'll give his life for Tian if he has to. After all, he's waited 300 years.

Associated Names

author: Jennifer_Ruby

genre: Sci-fi Romance

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webnovel Chapter 5 2020/03/17
webnovel Chapter 4 2020/03/17
webnovel Chapter 3 2020/03/17
webnovel Chapter 2 2020/03/17
webnovel Chapter 1 2020/03/17
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