They call her Ace


They call her Ace, that's only because no one knows her real name. She runs this city as the Raingate Mafia leader. Anyone who gets in her way, dies. A cold-hearted killing machine richer than the governor himself, but who was she before this life of crime? To her it didn't matter who she used to be. That girl was long gone, but little did she know that someone from her past will remind her of who she really is. ------------------------ She froze not because the man was handsome. No, it wasn't that. Many handsome men walked into her life, but there was a reason that Ace stopped in her tracks for this one. It wasn't the breathtaking smile or the gorgeous hair. It was because she knew him.   She didn't know him in this life. No, she knew him in another life. A life that she had tried her best to forget. A life where she wasn't Ace. A life where she had people that she loved and cared about. A life where she didn't kill men and where she didn't live in an extravagant mansion with butlers and maids to do as she directed.   Ace was frozen. Her heart had stopped. How did he find her?

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author: QingMojidori

genre: Contemporary Romance

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