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Makiell was born at a small city in the north with humble origins and one day he found himself lying at the ground of an unfamiliar place and as he is surveying this 'new environment' he found himself lying at the ground again and hearing someone accusing him of a matter he knew nothing about. As he was to retaliate he found himself now in prison. This made him curse and think that everything he tried to do today never succeeded. He lamented and ridiculed himself; I thought that this sort of thing will make one powerful, blessed and invincible? Then why do I seemed to be plagued with bad luck? Little did he knew that it was just a small matter and is only the tip of the iceberg. With his new identify he soon found out about 'this person' who he currently is. He traveled through different galaxies to shove away this 'bad luck' and retaliate against his fate. This story is set to the far future where the technology has advanced throughout thousands of centuries. Many possibilities had bore fruit. Makiell found his pitiful self in a deadlock but it's better than actually being caught and die.

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author: Glen_Marco

genre: Sci-fi

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Group Release Time
webnovel Dreamscape 2020/06/29
webnovel One After Another 2020/06/29
webnovel Inside the Mirror Building 2020/06/29
webnovel Open Sesame 2020/06/29
webnovel Whereabouts 2020/06/29
webnovel A Different Place 2020/06/29