The World of NocTare


Nothing came easy, but everything felt boring, And that's how he lived his life from he was young, He would work hard and then it would become incredibly dull to him from school to school and Job to Job. Kai Maxwell naturally gifted but lacked the motivation to do anything; without parents to drive him and only his grandmother to guide him, his life seemed to move at a snail's pace. He wasn't blessed with a mountain of money, or was he the Young Master of a Wealthy family. Regular, but Gifted was what his last teacher wrote on his report before he graduated. And he took it to heart, but that changed when a Birthday gift took his natural Leadership and Fighting ability to a new hight so he could shine in the dark. His aim, To be a Legend. {Author here: This is one of very very first try's at writing. I was very young, but the story was just too dear to me to let go, All things said I decided to changed the names of characters so there will be mistakes made until I catch up to my previous one, And this is MAJOR, Numbers weren't my thing back then. They still aren't now SO the base code of this novel will shift around chapter 30, which I believe was where I stopped writing, but other than that, enjoy my rabblings lol}.

Associated Names

author: Navie

genre: Video Games