The Vampire CEO


“Ahhh...what are you doing?”,Qi Si Han moaned. “I am punishing you!”,Wang Yu Ran kisses Qi Si Han and start licking on her neck. Qi Si Han,a regular employee at Wang Cooperation,has a loving and caring family and of course a rich boyfriend or should I say b**** boyfriend that cheated on her with Dai Yu while she was on the to the Wang Cooperation for a interview.She is also the daughter of Qi Graphics Design Company which is the top company in City B and one of the top company in the world. Wang Yu Ran,boss of Si Han,CEO of Wang Cooperation and he is a royal vampire,Prince of the Midnight Vampires,has eyes Si Han since young.When Yu Ran and Si Han were younger,Si Han had a birthday party and Yu Ran was invited as one of the VIPs for her party.As their eyes met,Yu Ran fell in love with her at first sight and her blood makes him want to suck her so badly.

Associated Names

author: SuikoLee

genre: Fantasy Romance