The Unrivalled Guardian


//Chapter a day GUARANTEED Guardian Knights, elite groups who specialize in magical combat and fight to protect their kingdoms. This profession was a huge honor and what Koda Fortis strived to be in the future. However, born a mere peasant in the Kingdom of Argio, Koda will have to prove that he's worthy enough to join the ranks. In order to prove his worth, Koda enrolls into one of the most dangerous schools in the kingdom, Costa Academy, a school famous for producing some of the strongest knights in history while also being famous for its numerous casualties and endless amount of injuries. With the power to boost himself using his self created "Gears", Koda will prove once and for all who the strongest mage is.

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author: AlphaGuardian

genre: Fantasy

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webnovel Combat (1/2) 2020/05/24
webnovel Punched 2020/05/24
webnovel Disguise 2020/05/24
webnovel Plans 2020/05/21
webnovel Vex Tomura 2020/05/21
webnovel Trash 2020/05/21
webnovel Demonic Meat 2020/05/21
webnovel Prologue 2020/05/21