The Tree of Oxon


Oxon the Supreme god who created the universe in which countless mysterious races live.His ultimate creation is known as his universal tree that has power to grant any wish with in the universe. The search for universal tree was begin with the evolution of intelligence of the races, countless war's and battles, schemes and betrayals happened within the universe to find the tree. The purpose of the tree as been an question for which has never been answered. In a place unknown, a giant magnificent tree sheeds it's last leave, the soul of the tree disappeared. Turning the sky of the world's within the universe to crimson red, turning oceans across the world into boiling lava out of all it created doors that connect multiple world's within the universe.. Having lead a successful life in the modern world of Earth, as an dendrologist for the top most corporate companies, young Baniya finds herself reincarnated in a mythical world as the soul of the universal tree after her death in an accident. Can she fix things that have happen due to the death of previous universal tree's soul..?? *********************************************** Hi , I hope that some people are spending time to read this novel. I am beginner in writing, so please drop few comment so I can improve myself in consecutive chapters. I know my English skills are not up to the level believe me, I am trying to improve it !!! :)

Associated Names

author: Jayanhari

genre: Fantasy

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