The Side of the Villain


Link is a regressor that has already regressed 9 times. Here, he will regress for the last time, his tenth time.

Associated Names

author: Krause_Krosper

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Relax 2021/11/19
webnovel Sixteen 2021/11/19
webnovel Old Man 2021/11/19
webnovel What happened? 2021/11/13
webnovel 999th 2021/11/13
webnovel Conflict 2021/11/13
webnovel Anomaly? 2021/11/07
webnovel Me? 2021/11/01
webnovel Confrontation 2021/11/01
webnovel Plan 2021/11/01
webnovel Shattered 2021/10/23
webnovel Defeat? 2021/10/23
webnovel Ambushed 2021/10/23
webnovel Followed 2021/10/23
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