The Secret of God's Mountain


Four continents were ruled by man. To the barren north there were white faced devils, to the south there were mysterious islanders, to the west there were dessert tribes, and in the center of it all was the Middle Kingdom, the kingdom that strived to one day conquer the world. Unrest could be felt in the shadows of the kingdom. Change was coming. Forgotten myths would become truths, legends would be reborn, and one person was at the center of it all, A-Narah. *** A-Narah's golden eyes burned like molten lava as she stared across a sea of dead bodies to the man who stood tall, and undisturbed by the stench of death. She hated him. Because of him she had lost everything that she had ever held dear. But he was her savior. Because of him she became who she was always meant to be. And ultimately she promised him, "Be it Hell, Earth, or Heaven I will stand by your side." The man had cold gaze, but when he looked at the determined girl, his eyes warmed. "If you hold out your hand, I swear by the all that lives under the skies, that I will never let it go." *** Update: *Currently on pause, back by August* One chapter release a day, no less. More chapters will be released at the creator's discretion or at the point in time when a stockpile allows it.

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author: 11am

genre: Fantasy

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