The saga of Leonard


A young man's teleported to a middle aged fantasy world of magic, kingdoms and nobility. Given another chance in life. He takes it and tries to rise above his birth right as a commoner. For his first mission he must appeal to the Mistress.

Associated Names

author: YoungDante

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Fight 2021/12/25
webnovel Punishment 2021/12/16
webnovel Sophia 2021/12/01
webnovel The Family 2021/11/25
webnovel Consequences 2021/11/19
webnovel The Butcher 2021/11/19
webnovel Weakness 2021/11/19
webnovel The Apprentice 2021/11/19
webnovel The Mistress 2021/11/19
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