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At the age of 10, J's parents died in an ambush leaving her in the care of her grandfather who years later sent her away along with her best friend to hide her and her identity from those who would try to kill her after her parents. 20 years past, a lot of things had already happened. Her dearest grandfather died, she came back to Lotus City, and was secretly married! She was married off by her grandfather to his best friend's grandson before he died and she was oblivious about it. Do this secret marriage has to do with her secret identity? All Rights Reserved This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. For permission request, please email me at [email protected]

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author: JDCo

genre: Contemporary Romance

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webnovel The Outcome 2020/05/24
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webnovel Award-winning 2020/05/21
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webnovel Reckless 2020/05/18
webnovel A Story 2020/05/18
webnovel The Senator's Wife 2020/05/15
webnovel Fake News 2020/05/15
webnovel Entrusting Information 2020/05/15
webnovel 633. Joining Forces 2020/05/15
webnovel The wrong person 2020/05/12
webnovel Renewal of Contract 2020/05/12
webnovel 12 Zodiacs 2020/05/09
webnovel Boring Meetings 2020/05/09
webnovel The Tour 2020/05/09
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