The Recruiters


Islets Caroline is a recruiter. She recruit good people for her company. When she say good it means they don't need to have a good educational background, good experiences, training or any of those. What she looks for is a good smell. She have a special ability. That is to smell who is good and who is bad. Simple. She was told to seek for people with that good scent and hire them. She's been doing it for five years now. But two years ago, she hired a very special one. A man she cannot forget. You see once she hired good people she bids them good luck and never see them again. Until she sees this particular man. When he entered the room immediately cold shivers run through her spine. He is no longer the same person. He is bad news. At least bad for her. He said to her, I want to hire you for something. Are you up for the job? Looking back at that time Islets realised it was never a question.

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author: Ia_Melevin

genre: Fantasy Romance

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