The maid, the butler and the divorced master


Hi, my name is Ruby Savanna Sawyer and I live in the state of California and I'm a 25 year old living in the year 3012 where higher tech and what not has been built... sadly I was forced out of my apartment along with others so a private research building could be built.... I needed a place to stay and somewhere to work and I don't know if it was a miracle or bad luck that I bumped into 29 year old Calum Will Scot right after he got a divorce with his wife, he offered me a job as a maid for his mansion in Malibu when he saw me which was very random but I had seen him before and heard rumors about him and knew he was actually looking for maids and such but I've heard he's very clingy and had sexually assaulted a few he had before but they were just rumors right? I accepted and he offered for me to stay (definitely accepted that too, I mean come on I get to stay in a mansion). When we got there (beautiful place not gonna lie, pools, red carpet, chandeliers, pianos, high tech equipment, I'm down) all that was there was butlers but they were all in their 40s or 60s except for one... 27 year old Sebastian Michael Alistair... oh my gosh I thought he was the most handsome and graceful guy I've met.... (I thought) that is until he wacked me upside the head with a silver platter and said "staring is rude" then walked away... (hitting people with a platter is rude -_-) turns out he's the head butler and has no emotion what so ever... what I can tell so far anyway. Between my master hitting on me and Sebastian scolding me I am truly losing my mind so.... how about you come join me on my journey through... whatever this author has put me in.

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author: Russian_Reaper

genre: Fantasy Romance

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