The Lost Shadow Knight


A young girl gave her life to being a knight. Lived her life as a tool to protect the royal family. But a seed of treachery sprouted in the kingdom and it led to her demise. Elysia watched the King and Queen of her country Grabania, masters she had sworn to protect, get killed right in front of her. In her desperate attempt to save the future King, Arhad, she was killed by the traitor who sold out their country. Using her dying breath, she begged for another chance. A chance to protect her master despite her current failures. A being answered her prayers and granted her another chance at life. This time round, in order to get stronger and destroy all those who threaten her masters, she unlocks the secrets of her clan. A secret that only she can accomplish as the last one of her tribe, a lost tribe among her clan. A new life, a new chance. One for her to prove her worth not only to the world but to herself. This was the oath Elysia swore to herself after taking her first breath in her new life.

Associated Names

author: Irene_Cookie

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