The Locked Birdcage


Having once been the precious, princess of the Williams’ family and guarded all her life. Azure had incomparable beauty and she was musically gifted with an amazing voice. How could someone be so lucky, people would question. But all goods come to end at some point, Azure suddenly faced a downfall in her life. She lost her mother when she was a teen, causing her emotions to decline and feeling pained everyday, Azure stopped speaking. 2 years later, her father lost their main course of money. Due to all theses loses, she was sent to her aunt and started a new life there but who knows how long that “new life” would last at her aunt’s... - Ryker Yen is an outstanding CEO of the HK Cooperation. He runs multiple billion-dollar companies all over the world. He had everything he ever wanted and believed he didn’t need anything else......that was until he meet Azure Williams. A girl with abnormal, sky blue eyes and a lifeless look. The moment Ryker saw her on stage, he knew that he wanted her. She was just so captivating, every look she gave was enticing and every single gesture she made, caused Ryker to want to kiss her cherry blossom- colored lips. Now let’s all watch as a devilish CEO fixes the trapped heart of the ex-princess. ————————————————————— So the schedule for this story is that I’m gonna try my best to update at least one chapter every 2 weeks! I’m sorry if it ever gets delayed.

Associated Names

author: _midnight_rain_

genre: Romance

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