The Legacy System


Have you ever thought about it? What is the reason behind our caged existence on our Earth, and why we know nothing of what happens beyond our solar system? Or perhaps have you ever thought about what is the true apocalypse for our world? The sun going down? Zombies? Vampires? Aliens? Or something else? What can be the true reasons behind such a conflict? What will our stand be in such a situation? Eric Jade had never thought about this either, until that fateful day. That day that revealed the answer to all these questions and the reason behind the true apocalypse of this world. It wasn’t any of the above-mentioned reasons. No there was only one reason behind that apocalypse, one that we never think about. It was us! Yes, it was us, the human beings that populate this planet. They say that if you want to know the true character and personality of a human being then either give them wealth and power or give them enough despair and fear. And soon they will reveal themselves. The same thing happened to humanity on our Earth, but in this case, everyone had the chance and opportunity towards the power of legends. Those legendary, and extraordinary powers of people flying and killing with a thought. That was tempting enough to make people bring out their inner selves outside. After that Chaos exploded, everywhere people started rebelling, killing, r*ping, and a new period of chaos was born. Where the strong ruled over the weak. Where new kingdoms, empires, and dynasties were born. In such a world Eric Jade became one of the strongest, together with his brothers. Their story was one of those fairy tale stories, they started from the bottom and reached on top. They were just an immigrant family from a small European country in a developed country like Japan, emigrating for a better life. But after the S-day, they worked hard, passed a lot of tribulations, and finally managed to create their own dynasty, The Jade Dynasty, and get a life of thousands of years. But their true goal was the peak of the game that started on S-day, to find the mysterious object that even the self-stated GOD’s of the Immortal World envied. That mysterious object also was a hint towards the origins of humanity in this world. The reason behind their goal wasn’t the ideals of leaving their print in history. No, that was just an extra that didn’t matter to them. The true reason was the reward for finding it. The self-stated GOD’s of the Immortal World had promised to bring the one who found it to the Immortal World and make him part of one of their sects. And who wouldn’t want an opportunity to become part of the Immortal World? Who wouldn’t want an opportunity of becoming a GOD? But all those hopes and dreams were destroyed by the betrayal of those he thought were his family. He was betrayed, humiliated, and killed. If he had another shot at life, what would his choices be???

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author: crazy_immortal

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