The Last Exorcist


Four temples constituted the purity of existence. The temples trained humans in the art of exorcism to contain preternatural threats and guard the realm of humanity. When the temples fell one by one, unorthodox beings crossed into mortality—animals that walked on two legs, shapeshifters with cunning magic and brutes with insatiable hunger for warm flesh. These were but a few of the dark kin that was brought by Zhaohu, the first tiger and the architect of humanity's downfall. Liang, the last exorcist, escaped the carnage by mere luck and for twenty years, she had been eluding the rising civilizations of the New Race. Her plans to live the remainder of her life in secrecy was foiled when her path crossed with Bao, a snow leopard and a former deity who had plans of overthrowing Zhaohu. *** I will be posting this story on

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author: Valence_Lao

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