The Five Circles of Calenduun


Long ago, the realm of Calenduun was a rich and powerful land ruled by the Dragons of the Fire Ring Mountains. They ruled with fierce, tyrannical flame and merciless violence to any who dared to stand against them until one day, the Five Heroes of Old took up arms and faced the Elder Dragon, defeating him in a show of legendary strength and banishing him to the Nether Realm. The Five Heroes of Old were revered and lauded, and together established the Council of Calenduun to rule over the Realm with peace and equality for all. However, soon deceit and corruption began to infiltrate the powerful Council. Civil unrest plagued the greatest cities, brother turned against brother and all of Calenduun trembled beneath its own malcontent. The Council dissolved, and each of the Heroes retreated into their own kingdoms, bound by a shaky pact that established what are now known as the Five Circles of Calenduun. Three hundred years later, the elven scholars in the City of Glathe unearthed a powerful prophecy that the Dragons are destined to return to Calenduun and take back what was stolen from them by the Five. Desperate to preserve the sanctity of the Land, the Queen has called to her closest ally in battle, the Realm of the Humans, to aid her in this time of need. The only hope of beating the Dragon Elder is through reuniting the Five Circles and defeating the Dragon Army that has been brewing in the Fire Ring Mountains. But after centuries of distrust, intrigue, and lies, it will take more than a single Queen to save the five realms.

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author: fairy_bread

genre: Fantasy Romance

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webnovel The Second Circle 2020/10/02
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