The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men


[Warning: Might contain things you won't be expecting.] He died miserably only to be reincarnated as a female in world of cultivation; truck kun responsible! A new start with a cute system but the body he possesses has amnesia and can't remember the things from before!! As descendant of the prominent and notorious Le Family, Le Fangling has to carry the burden of hate she couldn't understand. Despite the odds, she finds herself getting attached to the people she would have never known as she cultivates with her unique body and spiritual roots!! ............... Disclaimer: The cover pic doesn't belongs to me but I really love it T.T If you want me to remove it do contact me. .......... Do give try upto ch 20 before you decide to drop it off. I know I messed up things before..But if you are looking for yuri with xianxia, I can say I am doing my best to deliver it alongside a system,!! (The title is just a name....this is irrelevant) It ain't some reverse harem.

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author: Bird_Of_Paradise

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