The Exit Strategy


"So what now? You know how she feels Blake. She's in love with you, she's been for a while now" Sighing I ran my hand through my hair in frustration, "I know, trust me, I know". She walked away from me and leaned against the huge window peering into the night. "If you go you won't just break her heart. You will break her... forever". I shook my head, my hands tightening around the handle of the duffel bag full of clothes that I'd packed in a rush mere minutes ago. I looked up at her, "What do I do then?". She smirked but still didn't turn to fully face me "You do what you so best, only, this time you get to create your own exit strategy". "No, Siara!", I replied a little too harshly "she's not one of my assignments. I can't do that to her. I won't". Her head whipped around to face me and she narrowed her eyes "Then leave Blake!" she shouted, you're already packed so go. But don't forget the devastation you'll be leaving behind when you do". I closed my eyes tightly fighting against the raw emotions riling in my chest. Stirring and making a mess out of everything that has to make sense to me. "You know I'm right", Siara's voice echoed through the huge empty room "but what I don't understand is why you're running away from the only girl you've ever loved". My eyes opened slowly and I lowered myself unto one of the chairs. She was right. I hated that she was right. I sighed in defeated and looked over at Siara as she told a seat beside me. She gave me a small sympathetic smile. "So what now Siara?". She gave my hand a slight squeeze "Now we create one last exit strategy. What do you say? For old times sake?".

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author: Tanashae_Rowe

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