The evil sight


The Rathods may look like a normal family but they are reeling under the evil sight "Nazar" the Supernatural entity daayan and once fallen it never leaves

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author: Sujitra_Suresh

genre: Horror&Thriller

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Chudail 2 2020/07/06
webnovel Chudail 2020/06/23
webnovel Big Witch 2020/06/20
webnovel Evil Power 2020/06/20
webnovel Help 2020/06/14
webnovel In the middle of the forest ? 2020/06/14
webnovel Will He Stop ? 2020/06/14
webnovel Angry 2020/06/11
webnovel Ansh attacks Piya's father 2020/06/11
webnovel Piya's Mission 2020/06/08
webnovel Truth Part 2 2020/06/05
webnovel Truth Part 1 2020/06/05
webnovel Naman will marry Piya 2020/06/02
webnovel next 2020/05/30
webnovel Transformation 2020/05/27