The Empire Of The Dragons (ENGLISH)


Above the clouds, at the highest heavenly landing, a powerful world hides from mortals. Divided into kingdoms, the nine heavens are home of millennial deities and the oldest secrets. The balance veiled by the guardians of the Sky guarantees to all kingdoms the longed for peace. But, when a genocide decimates one of the most powerful clans in the sky, puts in check all the harmony of the celestial empire and the culprit needs to be held responsible. All the evidence points to a single name: Mei Yang, the princess heir to the Phantom Realm. In the midst of his evident condemnation, finding the real culprit becomes her main life goal. But, to prove her innocence, the young woman must be able to overcome the seven trials, where she will have to decide between what is right and what is easy

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author: GonsunQian

genre: Fantasy Romance

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webnovel Chapter IV 2020/10/02
webnovel Chapter III 2020/10/02
webnovel Chapter II 2020/10/02
webnovel Chapter I 2020/10/02
webnovel PROLOGUE 2020/10/02