The Delinquent King.


This is an Alternate universe where people in the whole world are living all together. Though there are few countries they are but to distribute population. Different casts, different religions live together. Happily, since it's what they have been doing from the very start of the world. In this world, the High-schooler and Middle-schoolers have become more independent and smart. They have started to take the world to different directions as they graduate and move to the outside world. But along with these smart and generous kids, the delinquents have rouse too. They are now more furious and troubling. Harry, pet name MIKE has decided to rise on top of the delinquents alone. He is a strong boy who looks weak. His frail body in uniform is actually hiding his masculine body and his weak walk is actually a facade. He will start from the lower dogs and reach till the tiger. Follow the naughty, furious, happy-go-lucky, strong harry or mike as he starts smashing faces and cracking their noses to become the best and strongest delinquent and create the strongest gang. =========== Content warning : Gore, Rape, Blood, Maniac, Almost incest(Step sister), Sexual Content. Cover is not mine, all credits to the respectful owner/artist.

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