The Death Bridge


The Shadow Forest is a beautiful, peaceful place...on the outside. But a danger has been lurking in its shadows for a long time. A prophecy: A hero will rise to defeat the evil with a weapon no man can wield. Within the Shadow Forest, twelve years ago, a tragedy shaped the future of a young woman. Now, alone, broken and moulded by the hardships of life, she lives in the cursed forest, trying to keep others from nearing the Death Bridge - the place where bodies disappear and screams of horror echo. But in her veins, an ancient power stirs. She meets a curt, handsome, white-haired warrior and a bandit with a frightening physique and a soft heart. Learning of the prophecy, the trio sets off on a danger-filled path to save the kingdom. They will face mysterious creatures, fight fierce battles and uncover terrifying secrets all while emotional struggles follow them like shadows. What will prevail? Light or darkness? Love or sadness? (Keep in mind that this story is purely fictional...also, some things may be based on different mythologies) *This book contains some mild violence* Update schedule: 1 chapter per week

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author: RosaliaJerika

genre: Fantasy

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