"I'm never crawling into anyone's bed" a promise I made to myself. That changed. Every single thing did. It was fast I wasn't in my mind at all. "What do you think of life?" "Everyone has a different view on life. We can't be thinking the same" "I can't hold myself any longer" "Then don't" "Who am I to you?" "My boss" "Wrong answer" Whip! "Again, who am I to you?" "D-daddy" "Yes you're daddy's little kitten" "He's mine you little whore" "Then have him," I said and walked passed her. I didn't have time for people's shit at all. "How am I supposed to show that I love you when you just keep avoiding me and you even went to the point to resign your job?" "We were never meant to be Gray-son. We are from different worlds get that in your head" "Rules baby break them I break you." "Oh fuck yeah" You wanna know more, on what happens between Emmalin and Grayson? Your welcome anytime.

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author: min_rush

genre: Contemporary Romance

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