The Birth of a Ghost Overlord


Who knew one whim could change one's life... for the worse? Liu Xiaodan learned this lesson the hard way, and now he was caught up with a ghost child who wanted to be born. Ever since his arrival, Liu Xiaodan's life had been one train wreck after another. Getting into a fatal accidents, being sent to prison, qualifying for a shady experiment... what else would not happen to him? With his future littered with blood and murder, the prospect father decided to take matters in his own hands and live in the shadows. At the same time, he couldn't stay away when his friends and families started to get in trouble. Liu Xiaodan had chosen to lose humanity in exchange... Perhaps just until Liu Guangru gets born. [COMPLETED BY JUNE 30, 2021] This story is a work of fiction. Similarities to people, living or dead, are coincidental. No, the child is NOT the object of affection. Book cover commissioned from Sleepykola!

Associated Names

author: droopyghost

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