The Better World


During the Industrial Revolution, a new type of technology came out, one to advance progress without the need for constant hard work from humans. However, this technology affected the environment in such a way that most of Earth is now uninhabitable, whether it's because of toxins in the atmosphere or dangerous climate change. Now the rest of humanity lives isolated from one another in overcrowded shelters that can't contact each other. Alexis is a teenage girl who's orphaned in one such shelter with her adoptive brother, when suddenly, strange creatures dubbed "Gryffons" appear and soon prove to be hostile towards humanity and near indestructible to any sort of weapon. Desperate to ensure her and her brother's survival, Alexis joins a group attempting to find the Griffon's weakness before the last of humanity is killed off by them. Warning: Graphic Violence, Coarse Language, Some Sexual References, and Themes of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Associated Names

author: RandomAtics

genre: Horror&Thriller