The Assassin: Going Elite


(Not the first book in this series. ) Everything in Jaycie's Laker's world is starting to fall apart. All her life she grew up in the guild as the first and only female assassin. She has learned to turn pain into power and look death in the face and mock it. She has learned how to wield daggers and swords like extensions to her own body. Fighting, a dance to the death. She has learned to survive in this male dominated world of killing. Now, her life if changing, and not for the better. She tried to let him in, tried to let Garret help her, but it didn't work. She has only ever been able to let one person in. Wilker Wes. He had been the one to take her from her mother when she died. Now, Jaycie is having to face a new challenge. Two different guilds have asked her to join them, one of them being the best Guild in the world. The Elite. This not only mean leaving behind everyone she knows and trusts, but it also means traveling across a large the continent. A continent full of people who could be related to people she has killed, or be threatened by the stories they have heard. People who could likely make her trip a lot deadlier if she is not careful. Not only is she going to this Elite guild, but she is also going knowing that a certain person there already knows who she is. She also knows that there was an immediate connection. The question now is, will he try and kill her? Will he try and help her? Will it turn out to be the same help Garret gave her? Will Levi Asheron be a new ally? Will all this change finally break The Queen of Blades, The Huntress, the infamous Jaycie Laker?

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author: KykkyBee

genre: Teen

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