The Adventurer System


Entry for #webnovelspirityawards2021 - It was the first VRMMORPG that successfully operated in the other world which was mostly known as the "VR World." It allowed the people to restarts their life to could escape from the inevitable change of the real world. "Yumiko Gritz" our protagonist that suffered from Paraplegia after he fought in the Taekwondo World Cup. His opponent "Drake" Schemed to brutally assault him, so he couldn't back again inside the ring. Her sister "Amiya Gritz" his a supportive sister also that the person who Introduced a game to him Where he could use his limbs without any problems. Living in another world beyond your expectations, it possible to change your perception in the real world? Let's join in my journey to become the greatest adventurer in the VR World. - Tags VR World, Solo-Adventurer, War, Romance, Dungeon, Monsters, Romance?, Magic world. Photo, not mine. I just found it on google.

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author: Jigx

genre: Video Games

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