Telekinesis Cultivator


After being assassinated on the front-lines by a friendly soldier, Zeng Xinyue stumbled upon a mysterious golden wheel in purgatory. The wheel spun and landed on a mysterious golden symbol which was imprinted on her soul as "Telekinesis". Then her soul vanished and reincarnated into a place known as the Five Heavens, where cultivation isn't a fantasy. Xinyue was awakened with no parents. She was given average looks and no talent for cultivation. On top of that, the orphanage leader didn't like her and kicked her out as a newborn baby! How bad is this luck?! Will she survive as a newborn baby in civilization fraught with dangers? Will she be abducted by the forces of evil? Will this be another female cultivation love story? Find out in the next episode of Drago- "Wait! That's copyright!" *exhales a sigh of relief* "Close call..."

Associated Names

author: LemonGrenade

genre: Magical Realism

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