Taming The Villain To Be Mine


A beautiful girl, Claire. She was chosen as the future empress of the crown prince from she was born to archduke Romanoff. But eventually that place was no longer for her when an other girl pridely stand beside the crown prince on his crowning day. Due to her miserable life, she willingly died in despair. But it all change as soon as she opened her eyes, Claire had become her younger self back and turn to her past. In desire to change her misfortune, she ran to the son of the grand duke that known as a villain in the empire. A boy who acted like a beast would get tamed by Claire beautiful charms now. " You again? What do you want? " " For you to love me, your grace. " " I won't fall for you, lady Claire. " Each time I trying to get his attention, I would only be glared at by his sharp eyes. But somehow he finally opened his heart for me when I started to ignore him in despair? " Hey, cotton candy. Let me accompany you for today. " " Cotton candy. I've come to meet you. " " Hey, cotton candy. Why are you ignoring me? " " Cotton candy!! Cotton candy?? Cotton candy..." With his cold yet gentle voice, he would call my nickname that he decided by himself. Everytime he came into my sight, he would haunted me everyday with that childish name without taking any break at all. Like a prey, I'm tired with his intensely gaze on me. I'm started to regret why I approached him at the first place. Should I run from my tamed beast? But when I started to thought like that, I forget that when you've tamed a wild animal, you should take care of it once they had become comfortable with you. Can someone take this beast from me, please?

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author: Ayda_fork

genre: Fantasy Romance

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