System Meow makes a move: Queen Yama's child


Rumors throughout the continent of dainxi told stories of queen yama raising a child of unknown origins. "Have you heard Queen Yama carries a child with her everywhere and pampers her beyond anything you could have though?! she even destroyed an entire country because they disrespected her during her stay there!" "They say the child is greedy, and all she can think about is money! She goes around making bets with martial artist and somehow always leaves with their treasures and family heirlooms??" "Oh yea! well I heard the child is actually a genius that has surpassed her mother! The reason why she looks so young is because shes a monster when it comes to cultivating! She might look like a child for thousands of years!" However, the so called queen Yama and her greedy child had other things to deal with. “mother, when are you going to get me a daddy?” A cute child asked as she tilted her head as her cheeks bobbled. Yian on the other hand couldn’t help but cough up blood. She quickly turned stuffing a small piece of meat into her mouth. Grabbing her shoulders and shaking the startled child a bit she desperately said “Yu’er men are cheats! They just want to cook rice and won’t take responsibility!” The child’s cheeks jiggled up and down before swallowing the piece of meat “then what about that handsome sect uncle that chased after mother? He said he was my daddy?”

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author: venomousvixen

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