Supreme Demon Lord


JD goes through the motions of every day life, wishing that he could make his nerdy dreams become reality. One night as he goes to sleep, he finds himself in what he believes is just a normal dream, but soon realizes that he can't wake up to his reality. The thing that shocks him the most after this revelation, is that he's taken the form of a small demon named Rokene. After realizing that this new reality has become his own, he also finds that he has a system similar to that of what you find in video games, and it begins to explain to him that his objective in this new world is to become the god of not only the demon race, but of every existence in this world.

Associated Names

author: mel0n

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Slaughter 2021/01/12
webnovel Difference in power 2021/01/12
webnovel Kill Zone 2021/01/12
webnovel Hunters retaliation 2021/01/12
webnovel Minor evolution 2021/01/12
webnovel Farming 2021/01/09
webnovel Power rankings 2021/01/09
webnovel Shadow movement 2021/01/09
webnovel Jupiter 2020/11/16
webnovel Level up 2020/11/16
webnovel Skills Experiment 2020/11/16
webnovel System 2020/11/16
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