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The infinite war between humans and the alien race has lasted for sixteen years And the war seems to last forever, the alien race finds it interesting to humiliate humans anytime and anywhere they want . they have destroyed 250 countries just with the movement of their finger tip , their body and armor is stronger than human largest war ships and tanks planet Earth has been fighting back with all their might for the last sixteen years , they have tried all their high level weapon on the alien race called satang . satang attacked the earth sixteen years ago with their their lowest leveled weapon , and earths high-tech weapon seems to be nothing compared to theirs . The various leader of the surviving country , held a meeting fifteen years ago to make a suggestion to make mother Earth safe and together again. " We have tried our best in this war ,we have invented new war machine,new weapons new armours ,but all seems to be ineffective, for now we are all subject to the aliens alien planet ,there are more war for us ,if we can remain in peace ,then let's do it ,than continue loosing the lives of our people. We are the leaders of our various countries ,we must find a way to stop this war , without loosing any of our lives , if there is no citizen ,then there will be no president,I hope you understand my fellow leaders ,let speak with one voice for the victory of mother Earth and the victory of our people". " If I must sugest we can form a union , like a new country with all our technology together, we can make the safest place on Earth , away from the satang , away from any treat ,how about it ". They agreed and the invention of the doom country started with all the great inventors a d renowned scientist coming together to make several ideals supervised by the presidents. The construction completed in less than three month ,with a lots of ideas and resources,the county moved into the high tech room. The union named their new country SOE ( meaning survivors of earth ),they started constructing different weapons . SOE made different aircraft and tracking system to track down the next attack of the alien and make appropriate weapons to defend. The satang attacked the remaining countries, thinking that the countries are filled with humans but unknown to them humans are much alive and preparing for their next attack on the satangs . The SOE are planning to invent the greatest weapon,they want to make everyone a living weapon ,but several president disagreed to that because they know of the disadvantages . SOE is more like a land of high tech machines , light train moving unfinished weapon from one part of the place to another , armored cars to protect the Citizens from small treat like robbers . And flying warship to fight the treat of terrorism , the place lived in peace away from the treat of anything . Also the economy,food and other sector wasn't left out ,they assigned five countries for each sector . Though the place was of out of natural oxygen because the place is covered , the science inventor created an oxygen supplier for the people to breath ,the artificial oxygen is no difference from the natural oxygen. The SEO is a new earth for all survivor's,and the the greatest union humans has ever formed. Jason Chao is the name of the main character , had no parent , always becoming the bullied in School. Ended up in a military school ...

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author: SystemHero

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