So what if I'm a Parasite? I'm the strongest in Alternative World


Growing up from an orphanage, he walked his own path when he was 14. Unfortunately, he died of suffocation while eating alone in his rented apartment. But something unexpected happened after that. "Where am I !?" Su Yang asked worriedly when he realized the place where he was not familiar to him ... With the help of the God of Darkness, he was reincarnated. But before he could rejoice, he found out that his body was not complete. "Where is my arm !? Where are my feet !? What is happening to me !?" The only problem is, he was resurrected as a ... Suddenly, in his distress, a voice echoed in his mind: [Initialization of the system - 10% ..... 21% ... 39% .... 100%] He received a System! But ~ He was resurrected as a Parasite ... But before he rejoices, another problem occurs ... Zzztztztztz ... A system undergoing Upgrade ... Please .... Wait for .... 10 ... >>> 78 ..... 90 .... 97 .... >>> 100 ... 101 ... 180 ... >>>> Upgrade System Failed ... Please Issue Your Own Quest. "Fuck, my system is broken, my system is broken!" . . But even so, he continues to level up (This made his journey to the top easier), and regained his Human Body. Su Yang after a year of solitude and got his new body, as a Divine Parasite shaped Man. From his Journey he met many people, and one of them became his wife, a Goddess named Lu LinLin, but, there was also something about him, he was a ... Yandere. "Do you want to be with me or die for me?" He asks Su Yang while showing him the explosive power, even if he can't kill him, he can destroy everything next to him, if Su Yang answers wrong. By using the ability gained from the Divine Parasitic System, he can gain the power of the enemies they possess, and become the most powerful of all. The Demon Lord, who used to be a Cruel One lowered his head in front of him, The Goddess of Beauty who once was far down came down and chased him just to woo. From Parasite to a Mighty Person, Su Yang with his fearsome wife Yandere, Lu LinLin, slowly, step by step gained the Power they sought and made the World their Domain. A peaceful world under their rule, a peaceful planet under their protection, they both live happily ... Su Yang looks at the sky, and Announce; "In the Strength of My System, and my power, I am the most powerful, nothing can stop me, I, Su Yang, the Divine Being, God" A / N: Names, Places, and Events are Fiction only ...

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author: The_Abyss_Returner

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