Shirazad: Her Realm is Noble


Smart, beautiful and rich, Scheherazade has only one problem: she is convinced that she can handle every troublesome situation, but can she? Her name Shirazad means "lion-born" but people in town soon start to call her "Scheherazade" meaning "whose realm is noble". Confined to the palace, she is far away from what is happening in town. While she is deeply touched by the fact that people have romanticized her and her fairy tales, she still doesn't understand the true meaning of this epithet... She will be forced to outgrow her spoiled ways and accept responsibility. Maybe she will even attract the king's attention. But... when you win such a person's admiration or love, it could be worse than if he hates you... ***A retelling of "One thousand and one nights"

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author: elindress

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